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  • Set up 2 live coaching sessions to show me how to use the 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days system with the rest of my marketing
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Yes!  I want to be the only direct booking strategist in town!

Hey Jeremiah,


I know we’ve had 6 of the best years the hospitality industry has ever seen – and that can’t last forever.

That’s why I want to do everything I can, while times are still good, to position my hotel above the OTAs and my local competitors.  Since your done-for-you monthly newsletter service offers a performance guarantee, I think this is an easy way for us to do that.

So please sign me up for the Direct Booking Strategist System and rush me all the bonuses, ASAP.

I understand this is a simple 3-month contract and, once that’s over, this is a simple, month-to-month arrangement.

I also know that this is a no risk proposition, because you’re offering a performance guarantee that this service will bring in at least 8 bookings, every month, or you’ll refund the appropriate amount for each booking that falls short of that promise.

So sign me up!  I understand that you only offer this system to 1 hotel in each city, so I want to lock in my area before anybody else!

·        So I can get more direct bookings out of my email lists…

·        So I can segment my lists and track the ROI from my marketing efforts better

·        And so I can show top management that I am confidently and consistently moving our business away from expensive, 3rd party channels to our much more valuable, owned channels – because I’m the only direct booking strategist in our area!

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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