Done-for-you hotel newsletters


Instead of sending a newsletter with no measurable ROI,

why not send a newsletter that guarantees

8 room reservations - each month - or we'll refund the difference

That means if you have a $120 ADR and we only give you 7 reservations,

we’ll write you a refund check for $120…

If we only give you 6 reservations,

we’ll send you back $240, and so on…


That makes this the only 100% Done-for-you hotel newsletter on the market with an ROI guarantee.

Think about it.  Not only will this make it easy for you to keep in touch with your best guests on a consistent basis, so you can get more direct bookings…and so you can stop spending so much on Pay-Per-Click… It also makes this a zero risk proposition.  

How can I track these results?

Our system has advanced analytics, and it completely integrates with your PMS.  That way, at the end of the month, I can show you a report that details, who booked, how many room nights and total revenue.  And you can confirm all the details on your side, as well.  With this in place, you’ll always know your ROI, so you’ll always know we’re producing results.

What are the terms?

I only offer this to 1 hotel in each city, to preserve the competitive advantage.

To qualify, you must:

  1. Have more than 1,000 people on your email list
  2. Have an ADR of at least $120
  3. And your PMS needs to be one of the 50 current integrations with our booking engine
What do your
hotel newsletters look like?

1. You get a stylish design and 3 fun, monthly articles:

 hotel newsletters

 Check out the live preview


2. We have a widget that gives readers local information on site seeing, restaurants, activities and events:



3. We have completely mobile booking engine, which helps you push special promotions and loyalty program opt-ins:



4. You also get a FREE paperback copy of my step-by-step hotel marketing manual: ($149 on Amazon)

5. A 1-year membership to the More Direct Booking group site where you can share best practices with your peers, listen to industry leaders and access hours of instructional ‘Direct Booking’ strategy videos.  (A $97 value)


Again, please have a look at the PMS integrations at: to make sure you can connect, then, if all of the other factors are in place…

I can guarantee an ROI on our done-for-you newsletter service,

along with everything else in this offer, for $997, per month.

Cancel anytime and keep my ‘300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days’ system – FREE


Remember, I only offer this service to 1 hotel in each city, to make sure I can help them market themselves in a unique way.  

So make sure to sign up before I dedicate this service to the hotel next door.

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