How to get good reviews for your hotel

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Getting good reviews for your hotel is one of the best ways to drive revenue to your bottom line. That’s because good reviews accomplish 3 key jobs. 1. They help you attract more of the kind of guest that would appreciate your property. 2. They help you show up higher, giving you the benefit of more overall traffic. And 3. By reading the reviews, you gain a deep insight into what guests really enjoy at your hotel, helping you create unique service offerings and deals that stand out. In this presentation you’re going to learn how to get good reviews for your hotel using 3 methods; landing pages, pre- and post-stay email and automated tools. The goal, by the end of this 45 minute webinar, is to give you a good understanding of what you should be doing, right now, to encourage good reviews, have the tools you need to encourage people to share their experience and curate positive reviews for your marketing efforts.
Plus, as a bonus, I’ll show you one technique that nobody else is using on TripAdvisor to drive direct bookings.