Free* Facebook Management Service For Hotels

How does it work?

When someone clicks on the post’s picture, on Facebook, they will be taken to that same promotion in the GuestCentric booking engine. When they book, the reservation goes through your channel management solution to your PMS, along with payment details.

BTW, GuestCentric’s booking engine uses the higher, PCI DSS compliance procedure to ensure the safest transactions.

Facebook Management Service

What will you publish on my news-feed?


We know that quality content is King. That’s why,in the first 6 months, we focus on:

Month I:  Reconnaissance efforts. We want to get to know your followers better and figure out what motivates them

Month II:  3 ‘voice’ platforms. We develop different voices for your different best-guest segments

Month III: Theme photography. We share cool ‘sights and sounds’ for people to experience in your area.

Month IV: Giveaway. We get people involved in fun giveaways and other quizzes.

Month V: Book Direct Push. We bring out your properties unique selling proposition (USP) and give each of your best-guest segments multiple reasons to book direct.

Month VI: VIP Campaign. We help fuel your email marketing efforts by getting people to take a decided step forward, even if they’re not ready to book ‘right this minute’.



How does this system work?

  1. You give us a limited number of rooms to sell every month
  2. Our booking engine is connected to 17 major channel management services, so you’ll see Facebook as its own channel
  3. You’ll see every booking as it comes into your PMS platform
  4. At the end of the month we show you the conversions and charge a *5% commission + tech fee of $125-$179, depending on how many rooms you want us to sell
  5. Cancel anytime after the first 30 days


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Facebook Management Service

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