Hospitality Marketing Synergy

Hospitality Marketing Synergy

How to explode your hotel’s bottom line with the perfect synergy of

group sales, targeting and killer offers

Learn how Jason McKee closed $224K in group sales in a single day. See what Loren Gray did to recover from a cancellation that wiped out 62% of his occupancy, completely selling out his hotel in just 14 days.

This system shows hotel group sales managers how to team up with joint venture partners to launch win-win marketing events. But this isn’t just a ‘how-to’ book, because we know that you need to be a leader in your organization in order to advance your career and live life on your own terms. To that end, this book has a strong focus on goals setting, using actualization techniques and systems of accountability to help you take constant, confidant steps towards your goals.

If you’re tired of one day running into the next… you want to add more excitement to your job… more energy to your hotel… and more upward mobility to your career… … and you’ve been in the hospitality industry long enough to remember what happened in 2008 – so you want to make ABSOLUTELY certain your hotel doesn’t have to go through cuts like that again… … then the little-known strategies in this book will give you a brand-new way to find opportunities… explode your group sales’ effectiveness… and expand your role within your organization, helping you take some of the biggest steps you’ve ever taken in your career.


You’re also going to get:

Insight into the 3 industry ironies that are probably killing your bottom line

A complete walk through of how Loren Gray discovered marketing ‘lightning in a bottle’

How to set up an environment of constant growth

Jason McKee’s strategy for closing $224k of group business in a single day

How to keep yourself from becoming obsolete in an OTA controlled marketplace

Your comfort zone’s best friend – it’s not what you think

the 10:10:10 method for visualization

How to set up a daily accountability system for direct bookings

The new definition of leadership in an evolving industry

 Barry Nakano’s win-win alliance with 38 New Orleans hotels – how you can do the same


And more…


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