35-part video course

How to turn yourself into a Direct Booking Strategist

so you can work with hotels on a freelance fee or commission basis


What Will You Learn in this Course?
  • This course will give you everything you need to know to set up a freelance relationship with hotels, on an upfront fee or commission basis. And it shows you how to automate a lot of the work so you can be working with more than 1 hotel at a time, thereby multiplying your income.
  • Specifically, after you complete this course you’ll be able to: 1. Understand how the hospitality industry works and spot opportunities. 2. Sell your services to work with hotels as a freelancer, through up-front fees or on commission. 3. Set up a direct marketing system and automate distribution through affiliates. 4. Run financial reports to prove your Return on Investment (ROI). 5. Approach associations and offer your client/hotel as a venue to earn even more commissions and define yourself as a business partner. 6. Set up a 12-month road map that will allow you to manage more than 1 hotel at a time. 7. Earn the title of ‘direct booking strategist’.
  • This includes step-by-step instruction on how to: Deploy the GuestCentric eCommerce platform for your direct booking campaigns • Create persuasive ads • Segment your email lists so you can launch niche marketing efforts • Write headlines that grab people’s attention • Create fun travel itineraries • Make package offers for different guest segments. This adds ancillary revenue to your client’s bottom line, and yours • Set up an affiliate marketing network so others are doing a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you • Create an opt-in bait piece for your lead-generation strategy… automate delivery… write autoresponders… and create a free VIP club • Boost your bait piece on Facebook and set up PPC campaigns • Call associations and drum up big business • Set up a SendOutCards campaign for anniversary marketing efforts • Create a landing page that automatically sells your service • Set up a newsletter for even more reoccurring revenue
  • And more…

Learn more: https://www.udemy.com/hospitality-marketing/

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