Social Media Campaigns

Awareness campaigns are full of shit!

(See, I just got your attention, but that wouldn’t help you get more bookings, would it?)


Our social media campaigns are all based one scientific rule: ROI.  Everything we do needs to produce measurable, monetizable results.  Anything less than that is just a waste of our time and your money.


If you’re sending the OTAs checks for $5 – 15k every month, ask yourself:

If you could spend half as much as you’re currently spending, and still get the same results, would you do it?

What if you could get better results?  You wouldn’t hesitate, right?

That’s what we’re talking about here.


Our hospitality copywriting team can give you positive ROI on:

  • Facebook marketing
  • PPC campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • On-line funnels

If you’re tired of sending checks off, instead of building your competitive advantage, let’s talk.

We provide a free 15-minute consulting session to assess your needs and show you how we can help.

After that we charge $1,200 to create your strategic roadmap and put together a quarterly cost estimate.


What’s the difference between what we do, and what you’re currently doing?

Here’s what a typical hotel’s marketing funnel looks like:


In this you’ll notice that there are quite a few people who bounce back from your hotel website to the OTAs.  That’s because you aren’t doing anything to capture their email addresses so you can automate your marketing.

And here’s how we’re different:


The Hospitality Copywriting funnel is different because we make lead-generation, and lead-nurturing, the central focus of our efforts.  This way, when we pay for PPC traffic, they’re not converting on the OTAs (like they’re likely doing now.)


Is it expensive?

Yes, of course!  Professional services are always expensive.  (…Though I’m sure you could try fixing your teeth at home.  Honey!  Pass me the cordless drill…)

But cost isn’t really the point, is it?  It’s ROI.

As long as ROI covers your marketing investment and your fulfillment costs, all the rest is gravy.


So, would you spend 20 cents if I could guarantee you’d make a dollar?

Of course you would!  Your only real question would be, how many times can we do this transaction today?

Because as long as we can keep bringing you direct, monetizable results… and you keep ramping up your revenues… not only are professional services good for your hotel – they’re great for your career.


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