We are a pay-for-performance
hospitality marketing agency
Here's how it works:

We guarantee that all of our marketing efforts will be revenue positive or we refund the difference.
i.e. If you spend $1 and we only generate 99¢ then we owe you a refund check.
This makes our services essentially free.
And our tracking makes it easy for you to compare the costs of OTA bookings and our project fees, apples-to-apples.
This way you know you’re always getting more direct bookings, more revenue, and creating a competitive advantage in the process.

We grow your
hotel's RevPAR in 5 phases

We help GMs with the bottom line

We get it. The OTAs are eating into your bottom line and that's making life difficult. We bring our resources together to give you a clear path to confidently and consistency shifting away from from the OTAs, along with all the reporting you need so you know you're improving your revenues at each step. 

We make sales managers' lives easier

We know how the flood of RFPs can zap your energy. To keep you from chasing leads all day, every day, we provide an automated 'shock and awe' platform that will make it easy to reply to more RFPs, so you improve your odds, and you'll create a great first impression, so you can sell from a position of strength.

We improve your marketing manager's ROAS

PPC costs are going up and the OTAs are controlling more and more of the market every day. To keep from killing your ROAS, we help create niche marketing campaigns that moves your distribution strategy away from paid strategies, in favor of in-expensive social media channels with proven opt-in strategies, so you can get your message out there for free.

We help you create business ambassadors

Whether it be one of your VIP guests singing your praises, or a local business, we make it possible to reward referrals with a small percentage of the business. This multiplies your marketing force without relying on discounts.

We help book your ballrooms

By leveraging partnerships we help hotels create a unique calendar of events based on your hotel's unique culture. These events then become the culmination of many direct booking and group sales campaigns, while letting you have a lot of fun in the process.


What makes us unique?

hospitality copywriting team

Most hotels are waiting for business to come to them.

… waiting on the OTAs.

… waiting on PPC.

…. using re-targeting, waiting for a need to arise…

That’s inbound marketing.


We prefer to go out there and find the business that’s right for your property. We prefer to hunt.

We do that by creating unique audience profiles, so we lower our costs and drive engagement.

We create promotions and events that speak to guests’ interests.

We give get permission to email. And then we build that ‘know-like-trust’ factor, so they have a reason to visit us. They have a rationale. That’s when wives turn to their husbands and say, “Hey honey! Why don’t we check this out?”


At the end of the day, this approach separates your hotel from your competitors. This lets you win, based on a higher perceived value… instead of lower rates. And this builds loyalty, so you don’t have to pay acquisition costs every time.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, always positions your hotel next to your closest competitors.

And that always eats into RevPAR…

So why not take the savings from every direct booking and re-invest in an outbound marketing strategy, instead?


If you do, here’s what you can expect to happen:


You’ve heard of compound interest, right?

Well, the same principal applies to outbound marketing.

If you just get 1 extra direct booking, per day, from an outbound marketing strategy, let’s say that adds $15 to your RevPAR.

Now, instead of pocketing that money, if you re-invest it, after a year you will have added $5,475 to your ‘direct booking’ efforts, and that can help you get 2 or 3 direct bookings a day, growing your profits by $30 or $45…

Then, as you continue to re-invest, you keep building a competitive advantage that none of your competitors can touch.

And you can do all that for the EXACT SAME COST as the ‘business as usual’ OTA approach.


Then why aren’t more hotels using outbound marketing?


The OTAs are very good at counting their commissions, but those commissions aren’t obvious when you look at your PMS, so it’s hard to get a good understanding of your margins on a day-by-day basis.

That’s why so many hotels have a hard time investing in their own marketing, upfront, but they write checks for $10-15K to the OTAs, every month. They’re stuck in the credit card trap.

But, just like when you go out shopping for a new jacket, what if a store offered one price for paying by cash, and a much higher price for credit cards..? In that case, most logical people would pay by cash, right?

When you can look at the cost of each individual reservation and choose ‘cash or credit’, i.e. invest in your own competitive advantage so you can take advantage of the compound interest effect from direct bookings, or keep fueling the OTAs’, the choice just as clear.

One is clearly more expensive than the other.

So let me re-iterate, most hotels aren’t using outbound marketing because they aren’t able to measure the ROI on every booking.


But we do


When you work with us:

1. We help you understand the margins on every one of our initiatives

2. We show you the savings, compared with your current OTA distribution

3. And we give you an end of the month report that shows how we’re moving the needle, away from OTA dependency

At the end of the day, this helps GMs grow their budgets…

…It makes marketing managers more efficient, and less reliant on ‘rented’ distribution channels…

…It frees your sales team from chasing RFPs all day, every day, because our direct booking systems do most of the prospecting work on autopilot…

…It helps revenue managers increase ADR, because they know that people are basing their buying decision on value, not only on price…

…And it helps a hotel’s ownership create a steady cash-flow, even in a soft economy…

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