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When you look at our Hospitality Copywriting case studies, you’ll see we’re very, very different from other marketing agencies.

You’ll see an entrepreneurial spirit that says – hotels shouldn’t wait for business to come to them.  Hotels should know how to keep business coming to them in good economies and in bad.

That means your marketing should:

  • Create a unique value proposition that nobody else can claim
  • When one of our partners, Jason McKee, working as the Director of Sales and Marketing, he created a triathlon centered around his property.  This event has been going on for the last 6 years, and, as you can imagine, the ownership is very proud of this accomplishment.  It gives them a unique identity.  It’s great for revenues.  And it’s business that competing hotels can’t possibly steal.
  • Laser target your best-guests
  • One day, as GM, Loren Gray, was shocked when he learned that one of his most valuable groups had canceled and he was left facing a 62% decline in occupancy, just 2 weeks out.The solution was a killer special offer which he assembled and quickly put out to all past guests, past guests who stayed during the same time, last year, and ‘drive in market’ segment he created through Facebook advertising (while making sure to exclude anyone who already had a reservation, in this campaign).  The result was 100% occupancy on the target date, creating an all-out win for their bottom line.
  • Track your ROI on any and every marketing activity
  • Coming from the direct response industry, Jeremiah Magone knows how important it is to measure your ROI on each-and-every marketing activity you do.  This lets you get to know your audience better, so you can produce better results.  It lets you create your own, private distribution channels through social media, affiliates and PR.  And, ultimately, track-ability helps you shift your marketing dollars away from the OTAs in a confident and consistent manner.  This gives your hotel a huge advantage over all the other hotels that still rely on the OTAs for traffic, on-line.

But getting more direct bookings isn’t just important for your hotel’s bottom line –

It’s essential for your career.

You see, we provide just as much training on the subject of direct bookings, as we do marketing services, for one, very important reason.

Our mission is to help you see yourself less like someone who takes orders, as they come in, and more like a commodity trader… more like a spear fisherman… more like an entrepreneur…

Because when you can do that – when you can transform your way of thinking from just looking at the gross revenue… to always thinking about the gross profit – that’s when you can take your hotel, and your career, to the next level.

That’s what MoreDirectBooking.com is all about.


So if you’re a ‘cooker’… if you’re great at taking orders and dishing up hospitality, this might not be for you…

Click away and trust your fate to the whims of the economy.

But if you’re a ‘hunter’… if you know the tribe lives and dies by the business you drag back from the kill, then this site will give you the knowledge, the brotherhood, the mentor-ship you need to drive more direct bookings than any of your competitors, in good times and in bad.

And with that skill, you’ll be able to position yourself as a thought leader in your organization.  And you’ll be able to ‘write your own ticket’.

To the HUNT!


Jeremiah Magone

– Consulting Copywriter

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About our technology partner

135 awards for web design and eCommerce

One of the only all-in-one solutions, including GDS

Used by over 2,000 hotels, world-wide

Why have we chosen GuestCentric as our technology partner?


GuestCentric is the choice of Hospitality Copywriting for one simple reason.  Their tools let us create 100% measurable results anywhere on the internet.

That means that if our team helps you generate traffic from Pinterest, we’ll know exactly which rooms were sold, how many room nights that represents, and how much we’ve added to your bottom line – down to the penny.

This helps us uphold our ROI guarantee on our products and services and, at the end of the day, it helps you sell your ideas internally.  It’s no use spending time and money to grab people’s attention on Youtube, after all, if you’re not able to take credit for your results.

GuestCentric’s all-in-one platform makes it easy for us to do that.

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