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Over the last 10 years, working with over 2,000 hotels around the world, GuestCentric has created a platform that consistently outperforms the OTAs as a hotel’s most valuable channel… creating the best ROI by 1,000…2,000…even 3,200%.


HSMAI luncheon.1.0
Jeremiah at San Diego HSMAI’s June 21st luncheon with STR

At last, here’s a complete, step-by-step program that combines GuestCentric’s e-commerce abilities with the time tested principals of direct response marketing – so you can stop relying on the OTAs for business… and start ramping up your profit margins with more direct bookings, continued ADR growth, and reduced marketing expenses – even though tough times in the economy.


Do you think the OTAs are playing fair?

Do you want more direct bookings?  Do you want to secure your hotel’s future?

Then you need to stop thinking about Booking.com’s 30% commission as ‘just another marketing cost’… as something that’s justifiable, considering it helps your business stay afloat.

Instead, you need to focus on this graph, below, and think about where you’ll be in 3 years if you decide to keep doing ‘business as usual’.

What % have OTAs increased their market share

You need to think about how dependent you’ve already become on the OTAs for business… and realize that, without a strong, direct connection with prospective guests – the future of your business is in serious jeopardy.


What if 2018 is just like 2008..?

US monetary base over interest rates

This system is for those who look beyond their P&L and see the bigger picture.  It’s for those who look at the mountain of ‘easy credit’ we’ve racked up since 2008 and know they got to do something to protect their investments.

It’s for those who are proud of all work they put in during the great recession to keep their doors open and help maintain staff levels…

It’s for those who know that their careers in hotel management are built on the ability to stay ahead of the crowd…

Simply put, this system is for those who know that now is not the time to get complacent.  The latest STR report has shown occupancy slipping across the country.

Occupancy and ADR cycle over the last 10 years - from STR

And now, with a ‘wild card’ controlling the most powerful post in the world, Brittan leaving the EU and China having mini-melt downs every 6 months, volatility in the market threatens to shake consumer confidence to the core.

That’s why now is the time to leverage technology, and the power of social media marketing to maximize your hotel’s position… lower your channel costs – and continue driving direct reservations for even higher revenues.


This system is nothing new

Yes, there’s a hidden secret in GuestCentric’s platform that every hotel knows about… but only a fewer have successfully unlocked.

I’m talking about the super-affiliate agreement.

This is the same agreement that every hotel uses when they sign up with one of the OTAs.

But, it’s a secret because 99% of hotels still only have 2 affiliate agreements: Expedia and Priceline

Major OTA brands


If every hotel is already using this kind of agreement, I have to ask: Why aren’t they exploring other super-affiliate agreements as well?

The answer is simple: poor technology.

99% of booking engines on the market today don’t have a direct response mechanism; they can’t track the revenue from each link you put out on social media so you can’t quantify your marketing.

This is a huge problem!

Because this means you can’t justify your marketing efforts in your budget…

So most people just stick to the channels where you can prove ROI – Expedia and Priceline.


What if you had more than 2 choices?
What if you could prove ROI on a 100 different channels?

With the ability to prove ROI on any channel you want, your local community becomes your biggest asset.

Your CVB can start sending you business.  You can use the mailing list from your local chamber of commerce.  You can start receiving business from tour operators in your area.

The point is: The ability to set up win-win partnerships with 100% revenue accountability is a game changer.  It lets you get creative.  And it lets you take control of your marketing in a way that few hotels have.

This is how GuestCentric is different from any booking system out there.

By utilizing this direct response feature, it allows you to start thinking like an e-Commerce marketer.  You can start taking advantage of all the ways they’ve found to leverage their affiliate networks over the years.  You can generate your own traffic and lock potential customers into your dedicated direct channels.

This is exactly what this system is designed to help you do.  And by following the steps of this 30-day program, you’re guaranteed to learn how to generate massive, quantifiable results whenever you want, make sure you have an edge over all the other hotels in your area, and break the OTAs’ strangle hold on your business once-and-for-all.

300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days
In 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days – A complete copywriting system for anyone who wants direct, measurable results – you’ll:


  • Discover a step-by-step guide for setting up affiliate networks that will add an extra 100 – 200 visitors (who are already ready to buy) to your website every day – p. 64
  • Get the business model responsible for Agora Publishing’s $500 million valuation over the past 37 years, in one simple info-graphic – p. 123
  • Understand the 1 fundamental rule for listing your business on the OTAs.  Break this and watch your monthly checks to Booking.com grow bigger and bigger – p.61
  • Discover the 5 main reasons businesses fail and the solution to each one – p.15
  • Learn the 12 marketing assets that will define your success over the next 12 months.  One, however, is more important that any of these other ones combined – p. 128
  • Uncover the psychology underneath your current lack of direct bookings – p.6
  • Get a detailed, point-by-point action guide for the next 30 days.  There’s nothing left out.  And no additional research needed.  P.18
  • Benchmark your current business with a simple worksheet so you can understand exactly how much more revenues you’ll bring in, after you implement this system so you can have a crystal clear picture of your internal rate of return. P. 21
  • An 8-step copywriter’s check list for getting visitors to book on your website p.55
  • You’ll understand how to jump ahead of all the other hotels in your area in your guests’ buying journey – p.26
  • A cool productivity hack that lets you write all your Facebook posts for the month in 1 afternoon – p.60
  • You’ll get examples of affiliate ads, for social media, CVBs and lead-generation pages for your swipe file – p.28
  • A guide to creating viral marketing lead magnets.  You’ll know exactly what kind of photos to collect to tell your hotel’s story in a captivating way – p.30
  • Discover how you should use PPC.  Hint:  It’s not to sell rooms.  At least, not at first – p.77
  • Find a guaranteed party theme to help you generate maximum PR – p.35
  • Learn how to create brand ambassadors using an easy, automated system – p.64
  • The 2 most important ways Booking.com motivates visitors to book.  Steal these techniques and watch your conversion rates jump – p.91
  • See how to automate your content creation process so you don’t have to do more than 10% of the work. P. 49
  • Multiply your RevPAR with one little-known mobile strategy – p.106
  • Add targeted landing pages to your website and get others to drive traffic there for you, by using this simple process – p. 112
  • Steal these 4 autoresponders and turn cold prospects into warm leads.  P. 71
  • A free way to build your ‘affiliate kingdom’ – p.101
  • Find out how to write a great themes for your hotel – p.30
  • Discover a proven path to winning over potential guests months before they arrive.  Step-by-step instructions to gain an edge – p.67
  • Learn the 2 pitfalls most hotels fall into in group sales prospecting and get the 3 tested scripts to help you overcome your fear of cold calling.  P. 79
  • Show up on the top of Google image search with this quick, 5-minute task – p.78
  • Get a complete, 12-month plan for writing blog posts that get shared and encourage reservations – p.47
  • Find out how to preserve the motivation of your affiliate networks, allowing you to market to their 4th degree connections, directly.  This one trick lets you reach 1,000 – 2,000 people a day. P. 89
  • Learn how to make rich, entertaining landing pages… and make life at your hotel a lot more fun in the process.  P. 104
  • Find out how to organize your affiliate network so you can easily reach 1000- 2000 people a day.  P.116
  • 12 marketing assets that will let you do all your hotel’s marketing in 1 hour a day – p. 129
  • Discover why measurable results are much safer and more comfortable than what you’re doing right now – p. 125


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According to SRT, 2015 and 2016 are banner years.  This is best the industry has done since they started keeping records in 1987!

  • RevPAR is at Peak
  • There is ADR growth in every segment
  • And most hotels are enjoying historical occupancy rates

That’s why the only real way to continue growing your Gross Operating Profits (GOP) is to reduce the costs of each marketing channel.  Cutting your OTA commissions is a prime target.


How much could you save?

So let’s say, for example, that a 100-room hotel (at $100 ADR, 80% occupancy and getting 20% of its reservations through the direct channel), implemented this system and went from 16 direct booking rooms a night to 64.  That would increase their RevPAR by nearly $1,000 per day, reducing their commissions by $30K, a month!

Don’t you think this would give the owners a much greater sense of confidence and control?

Wouldn’t that help them be more competitive when the market cycle takes a downward turn?

And let’s say you wanted to have that same sense of security, so you knuckled down and implemented the system in 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days to help free yourself from the grip of the OTAs… and grow your direct bookings by a similar $30k over the next month…

If you continued this trend, you could potentially add an extra $360K to your revenues over the course of the year, even if business flattened out.

Isn’t that the kind of advantage you want for your hotel?


So… what’s that worth for your hotel?

Well, when I do this project for my clients I charge $6 – 10k a month, with the guarantee that I’ll create a positive ROI over the same project period.  That way anything else this system creates for the hotel over the rest of the year is pure profit.

But I won’t charge you $6,000 … $600 … or even $60 to help your hotel break the OTAs’ hold on your business…

Because the cost of my step-by-step training manual, 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days is just $49.

Best of all, 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days is a large-sized, full color book, so you can easily lay it out on your desk and follow the step-by-step instructions, making it easy to quickly complete your day’s work.  No need to click back and forth all the time.

This is something you can spend time with, master and train others to do.  This is a real resource.

Click below and you’ll receive 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days through Amazon.com.

Then, as soon as it arrives, I want you to know that you don’t have to read through the entire book to get started.  In fact, this system was constructed to give you everything you need to know – on the day you need to know it – so you can begin implement these instructions right away.

No general advice here!  Only step-by-step guidance that leaves nothing to chance.


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NOTICE: I will be relaunching this website as a group-training website on January 10th.  At that time, I’ll be adding a bunch of instructional videos to the 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 days manual as well as hiring a group of 12 copywriters to work with me on implementing this system for hotels around the US.  In-line with greater resources I’ll also be raising the price of this system to $149.

Any orders before Dec.2nd will receive a free membership, along with access to all future training materials.


Case studies

Edinburgh City Apartments enjoys 900% more direct reservations
Casas del Lago, beach club & SPA in Spain, increases 60k in direct business in one month using GuestCentric’s solution
GuestCentric becomes the first non-digital marketing agency to win over 100 awards for web design and ecommerce

FAQ: Will this system connect with my PMS, or Channel Manager?

See all the GuestCentric integrations here


Take this program for a 90-day test drive – risk free

I am so confident that you’ll see monumental gains in your number of direct bookings, if you follow the steps in 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days, that, in fact, I guarantee it.

If you are not 100% convinced that the Booking Autopilot System doesn’t help you reach thousands of people, grow your email list of prime prospects, beat the OTAs at their own game and help you create a marketing position that’s the envy of all the other hotels in your area…

Then just let me know at the end of 90 days for a full and prompt refund.

Why 90 days, not 30 days?

Because I know that not everyone will be able to drop everything they’re doing to attack the course, full-force.  Often there are a lot of other activities that need to be handled first.  So I want to give everyone a chance to go through every step of this program before risking a single penny.

This way you have nothing to lose.

So what are you waiting for?

To see how much better your hotel’s marketing position can be with the Booking Autopilot system in 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days – for 90 days, risk-free – just click below now:


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P.S.  “If this works so well, why aren’t hotels already using ideas from direct response to set up their own affiliate systems?” one hotel marketing director asked me, doubtfully, the other day.

The reason, I told him, is because “That’s not the way they’ve always done it.”  Most people just learned how to do their jobs from the people who hire them.  And the people who hired them learned how to do their jobs from the people who hired them!

So it’s no wonder that hotels are a bit behind the times.

This isn’t always the case, of course, but the degree to which most hotels have let the OTAs control their own name brands on the Internet is proof of how far behind the times most of them are.

The reason we need to bring direct response principals into the lodging industry is this.  The people who started the direct response industry, who then trained the next generation, who then trained the next, and the next… and who then trained and mentored me, have always been working with the understanding that the direct channel is always the best way to go.

Because of that, we’ve always been able to tell which ad, which affiliate or which writer is better than the other – down to the penny!

This is the big difference between what most hotels are doing with their marketing these days, and how the rest of the information publishing world and ecommerce industry work.

That’s why I urge you to hurry.  Every day you delay in learning about this approach is another day the OTAs grow in power and influence… and another day you let the opportunities in this economy – the most profitable years the lodging industry has ever seen since STR began tracking this data in 1987 – slip by.

Now is the time to capitalize on ‘the good years’ so that, if 2018 looks anything like 2008, you won’t be caught without your own dedicated channel for more direct bookings.

To get started today, just click here:

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P.P.S.  Order today and you’ll also be invited into my More Direct Bookings Mastermind group on LinkedIn.  This is where you can ask questions, get the latest information on direct booking trends, and gain access to upcoming workshops where you can learn the best practices in direct booking, gleaned from over 2,000 current clients.


Order 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days and become part of the growing community of hotels
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