(Tricky social media Problem) Why You SHOULDN’T link your booking engine to your Facebook page

Although I’m grateful to everyone who downloaded the 300% More Direct Bookings in 30 Days system, last week… with instructions for creating a 12-month social media marketing calendar…


I forgot to warn you about a major social media marketing “glitch” that’s built into our comprehensive program.


And I’m NOT talking about the problems with measuring ROI that with most social media marketing strategies suffer from. We can tell you exactly how many room nights were booked, when those guests are coming… and the total revenue added to your bottom line….

Facebook Management Service

I’m talking about the major road block that every hotelier faces – there’s never enough time in the day.


So even though there’s a section on page 59 titled, “How to write 8 Facebook posts in 80 minutes”… a lot of people STILL aren’t going to find time to do that.


I understand.


That’s why I shot this video to show you how the hospitality copywriting team can manage your Facebook on a pay-for-performance model.


Facebook Management Service for hotels


Now, you’ll see that I call this a “Free” service, let me tell you why that is.


When you let us handle your Facebook marketing:


  • You FREE up your time
  • We can show you the ROI for every booking we bring you. And with just a 5% commission, I think you would agree, this is a net POSITIVE marketing activity
  • Unlike PPC you’re NOT PAYING ANYTHING for people who are ‘just kicking the tires’
  • And since our technology is PCI DSS compliant, you’ll be FREE from worry

It can be really frustrating to invest precious hours every day on social media without a direct, down-to-the-penny understanding of your ROI.


That’s because most hotel Facebook pages are linked to a ‘Chinese menu’ booking engine.


When someone clicks on it, they’re faced with options for EVERY room time and EVERY promotion. Not only does that inconvenience lower conversion rates… it also makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for you to see cause and effect in your marketing. You never know WHICH Facebook post resulted in WHICH room night.


That’s why your higher-ups question spending money on social media…


That’s why Facebook ‘seems’ like a waste of time, so you go at it, half-heartedly…


That’s why you can’t look back over the year, pull up a report on your channel manager, and tell your bosses exactly how many bookings you had from Facebook, over the year.


But we can! Solve all these time-draining problems by watching this video:




All the best,




P.S. When I was doing Facebook management for Wyndham, last year, I charged $1,000 per month, minimum, more if they wanted to do a seasonal campaign. Still, I wasn’t guaranteeing results. That’s a far cry from, our pay-for-performance model, wouldn’t you agree?


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Jeremiah Magone is a B2B Copywriter in the Hospitality Technology Space